The Unrelenting Popularity Of Pop-Up And Underground Restaurants

pasta-1181189_640The latest trend in restaurant dining is the pop-up or the underground restaurant. A pop-up restaurant is usually found in an unusual setting and may feature a unique meal or theme. An underground restaurant is typically found in a home or private setting which allows the restaurant to get around local zoning and sometimes taxes. What these new restaurant experiences offer to customers is a chance to experience something new and different. Many are found in urban areas where there is an abundance of empty warehouses, tram stations and other types of innovative venues available.

Pop-up and underground restaurants are a relatively new concept, skyrocketing in 2014, according to the loan department at Franklin First Financial. While there was a slight decline in popularity after the peak, pop-ups and underground dining are now back. These restaurants and dining experiences are found all over the world. You can enjoy fondue on a tram in Switzerland or a meal made from table scraps in New York City.

Most of the time, the prices are less at these types of restaurants and dining events, although some underground restaurants offer an opportunity for customers to meet face-to-face with guest chefs or local talent and the customers are willing to pay for that experience.

One very popular underground restaurant started in South Africa as a means of bringing together international guest chefs, South African chefs, young, rising stars in the world of the culinary arts. These chefs will then prepare a secret meal at undisclosed locations. It is members only and guests request an invitation through a website. Dinners have been held in locations such as industrial warehouses, ancient castles, and underground wine cellars.

Pop-up and underground restaurants meet the need of dining enthusiasts to experience something new and different. They provide a unique experience while holding onto the tradition of good food and fine dining.