Taste Street Food Around The World

corn-457153_640Everyone loves to eat, and it is true that food makes the world go round. There are so many varieties of spices and flavors that you can never grow tired of trying things. In fact the term “Foodies” came from people who live to eat food.

Every country has its best seller, and restaurants will always be the main place to receive an amazing meal. But food trucks and street food are really becoming popular because people love to taste a small portion of something, leaving room for them to try another small something. This way they can really get a sample of the taste from the country they are visiting.

Something always delicious is Jerk Chicken from Jamaica. Cooked on the bone and marinated overnight, the spices and flavors of this dish are always different and a secret between families. There is nothing like eating it from a traditional Jamaican jerk hut.

A street cart in the 50’s made Chili Crab a huge success in Singapore. Now many hawker centres are adopting this throughout Singapore. These crabs served whole and stir fried in a sour and sweet sauce are a quintessential part of the Singaporean experience.

For good comida rapida, try the arepas from Columbia. This fast food may look like a simple corn cake, but it is beyond tasty. Grilled or baked and stuffed with cheese, these arepas will leave you coming back for more.

While coming from India, the terrific street food Bunny Chow is served all over South Africa now. It is made from mutton or chicken, not bunnies, and is hollowed out bread and curries. This tasty dish is one that you will want more and more of on the streets of South Africa.

True, we could continue to travel the whole world tasting the amazing flavors at street food has to offer. Maybe some of us will get that chance, but we can certainly enjoy flavors one country at a time. So wherever we are going, let us continue to taste the flavors of the world and bring them closer to home.